Smoke on the Mountain, 2012

The Wayside Theatre Workplace

Wayside theatre is a small but dedicated company of theatre professionals. We are committed to providing high-quality and affordable performance art for our region. We are always looking for exciting new talent.

From the Wayside Theatre policy manual...

A lot of folks in our business like to think that doing live theatre requires working long hours; pulling 24/7 shifts and having everything magically come together on opening night. Our philosophy is a bit different. We believe that if everyone lives up to their responsibilities and does their job accordingly then we can actually enjoy what we do and have ample down time to enjoy life as well.

Hiring Policy:

Wayside Theatre is an equal opportunity employer operating under the right to work laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and an agreement with Actors' Equity Association, the union representing professional actors and stage managers. Actors, designers and technicians of any ethnic or racial background are strongly encouraged to apply and audition.

For questions about casting or hiring, call 540-869-1776 or email

Casting Opportunities

There are no casting opportunities listed at this time.  Please continue checking this page for updates.

    Equity casting note:

    AEA requires that all roles available for Equity contracts be "definitively described." Wayside Theatre complies with this ruling but finds it potentially limiting in regards to potential current and future casting opportunities and encourages all actors to audition even if they feel they do not fit the "definitive description".

    Staff Hiring

    Below is the list of positions Wayside Theatre is currently looking to fill. In addition to the skill sets and requirements listed below, Wayside Theatre is looking for individuals who want to be a part of a team and who feel comfortable with and enjoy cross-disciplinary work when appropriate.

    Applicants should email

    Education Director

    This position is senior member of the artistic staff responsible for executing the varied Educational Programs Wayside Theatre makes available to its community, from in-school workshops to acting classes to productions featuring students. Experience with teaching and directing is recommended. The successful applicant is one who enjoys challenges, and is both a leader and a team player. The successful applicant also enjoys both a hands on approach to problem solving. The position offers an opportunity for a dynamic, take-charge individual to have an immediate and positive impact on the operation and the direction of the company.

    Salary: commensurate with experience plus housing. Initial contract begins in May concludes in April with long-term employment being the goal.

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    contact info
    phone: (540) 869-1776
    hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday